Partner with education, training & employment organisations to meet social value criteria

PPN 06/20 has set a mandatory requirement for companies to deliver social value through their contract work for government organisations. Enhancing training, education and employment at the local level is a social value priority across different industries and local councils. Whether it is encouraging young people to reach different opportunities in employment or helping ex-offenders to get training these projects might seem challenging for companies to manage. Especially companies who work remotely (e.g. IT, consultancy) or who do not have extensive HR departments to coordinate these activities.

The good news is that there are thousands of education and employment related VCSEs to work with in the UK. Furthermore, these organisations can be supported by companies through money donations, buying their training and employment services, part-taking in their mentoring and training schemes through skills-based volunteering or supporting these organisations with product and service donations.

You can meet social value criteria relating to education and employment by supporting VCSEs who are experts in developing and working on these is a leading social value platform in the UK to find these partnerships. Moreover, the short videos below give an idea of what kind of organizations companies can find partners on the platform. With these partners, companies can ensure their investments in training and employment are managed efficiently and ethically.

Looking to support youth education, training and pathways to employment for our future workforce? 

  • Check out Ignite Youth and their work supporting young people into education and employment here.
  • Check out Young Carers Development Trust (YCDT) and their work supporting young people with caring responsibilities here.
  • Check out Class Of Your Own and their work offering STEM-focused Built Environment and Infrastructure learning programmes to young people here.

Looking to support education, training and employment of disadvantaged groups as a part of your social value plan? 

  • Check out Exit Foundation and their work supporting people away from criminal activity here.
  • Check out Refugee Action Kingston and their work supporting refugees here.
  • Check out AFK and their work supporting people with disabilities here.

Partner with charities, social enterprises and local community initiatives that are experts in providing high quality training, education and employment opportunities and support their projects to meet your social value criteria.

You can read more about the Social Value Act and its impact on our recent blog or download our Social Value Act Guide. Specifically designed to help companies bidding for tenders understand the new requirements! is a matchmaking marketplace for companies to match with local and nationwide charities and social enterprises when donating their skills, products, services or money. The platform provides comprehensive social impact reporting on the partnerships. Additionally, it helps companies to build their brand and engage with their stakeholders. is for all types of companies who wish to contribute social value for our society.


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