Companies using are consistently winning government tenders. Our platform helps companies like yours to build social value plans for bids, implement their programmes through finding local partnerships and report back to clients on validated, qualitative impact aligned with PPN 06/20.

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PLAN your impact

We can help you build a winning social value plan to present as part of your bid

Social Value Planning Tool

Present the local authority with a clear and credible plan of action with named local partners using our Social Value Planning Tool

Satisfy tender requests

Use our matchmaking AI to find local initiatives and social value partnerships aligned with the impact goals of the local authority

Maximise your resources

Maximise your impact by finding organisations that need the resources you have available to offer

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The highest scores on social value bids are given to realistic and tangible social value plans with named partners.

Local Authority Representative whatimpact study on Social Value Act & expectations

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MAKE your impact

Put your social value plan into action in an efficient and impactful way

Donation Offers

Make resource donation offers (money, products, skills or services) for charities and social enterprises with your specific criteria to apply for

Filter Applicants

Compare applicants and choose your partner based on comparable data of their projects and impact goals


Manage and track your employees’ volunteering (skills-based and general) on our Volunteering Hub

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Resources that companies have must be matched well to local needs - I want to see my community benefiting from the companies working in my area.

Local Authority Representative whatimpact study on Social Value Act & expectations

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REPORT your impact

Use our platform to generate validated impact reports that show real results

Easy reporting

Provide local authorities with semi-automated, standardised and qualitative social impact reporting on the local activities you have supported

Qualitative reporting

Go beyond numbers with our social impact reporting model that combines the qualitative and quantitative in order to reveal the real impact

Strong track record

Impress the local authority with your transparent public profile that details the genuine impact you make to local communities

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For transparency and efficiency, social value needs to be reported in a validated, qualitative manner to really understand the difference being made. Numeric values are simply not enough.

Local Authority Representative whatimpact study on Social Value Act & expectations
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