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Mediating divorce and separation in a cost effective and caring way

Martin Ellis, the Service Manager at Mediation MK, explains how his charity supports families going through divorce and separation. The charity’s service helps parents to navigate separation in a way that is both cost effective and puts the needs of children at the forefront. As Martin puts it, “The impact that we make per pound is far greater than the impact that would be made through the court process.”

Charities championing mental health through COVID-19

While US Active are experts in transforming young peoples’ mental health through exercise, Changes Bristol have championed a peer to peer support method to help both direct beneficiaries and company clients. Listen to this episode to find out how these charities have adjusted their service to suit the needs of beneficiaries over lockdown, as well as how they could be of help to you and/or your staff.

The charity that’s using cinema to build resilience amongst sick hospital patients

Tiia interviews Kat Mason, CEO of MediCinema – an amazing charity that helps sick patients to have fun and build resilience through “the magic of the silver screen”. Kat explains how cinema helps beneficiaries to escape their reality and reduces feelings of isolation, and how the charity has pivoted during the pandemic with the closure of cinemas.

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Our team is on hand to assist you


Are some charities cool while others are stigmatised?

This episode features guests Marian Nicholson from Herpes Virus Association and Jo Oxlade from Brook. Tiia hosts a discussion about stigmatised causes and why they don’t get enough support from corporates, even when they address issues that affect the whole population.

Africa’s Gift: a holistic approach to charity work

Tiia interviews Ken Dunn, Founder and Chairman of Africa’s Gift, a charity that works with community members in South Africa to effect positive developmental change. In this insightful episode Ken explains why helping school children is not just about education; his experience in the field sheds light on the importance of the cycle of influence, for Africa’s Gift and across all charity work.

What makes a social enterprise?

This week, Tiia asks what it means to be a social enterprise, how they’re funded, how they’re different to charities and companies, and much more, with guests Mandy and Kate from Love Sober and Daniel from Birmingham Enterprise Community.