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Our informative podcast digs deep into what it means to make impactful change in our society. We spotlight a variety of guests, including CSR and social impact experts and charity and social enterprise representatives. Want to be featured? Get in touch with

Modern Grantmaking

In this episode of Impact on the Ground, Tiia speaks with Gemma Bull, the author of Modern Grantmaking, about how the complex world of grant giving is changing.  They dive deep into a discussion of what modern grantmaking ought to look like and how the experience of giving and getting grants can be improved for all. You can read more about Gemma’s book Modern Grantmaking & get your copy on their website! Interested to hear more? Listen to the full episode!

The Value of Heart-based Communication

In this episode of Impact on the Ground, Tiia explores the role of communication in conflict resolution with Maria Arpa, the founder and CEO of The Centre for Peaceful Solutions. They dive deep into Maria’s creation of the ‘Dialogue Road Map’ and her work in helping improve conflict resolution and communication in different places like schools, prisons, families and communities. How can you be actively focusing on heart-based communication and supporting your community?  Listen to this episode to find out!

Transforming Lives Through Sport

In this episode of Impact on the Ground, Tiia is joined by Mark Winder, the CEO of Goalball UK, to discuss how the sport designed for people who are blind and partially sighted has helped build communities and transform lives across the UK. They also discuss the struggles and successes of smaller charities and the importance of inclusion for blind and visually impaired people in our society. How can you get involved with, learn from or support visually impaired communities? Listen to this episode to find out!

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Our team is on hand to assist you


Promoting well-being in our communities

In this episode of Impact on the Ground , Tiia speaks with Martine Verweij, the founder of Marathon Kids UK, about the growth of her charity and her experience in working on improving the long-term health and well-being of children across the UK. How can companies support well-being charities and benefit the beneficiaries, their employees and the local community? Listen to this episode to find out!

Partnering with smaller charities

The Foundation for Social Improvement is a registered charity that was founded 12 years ago with the purpose of supporting small charities and helping them make an impact. In this episode Janine Edwards and Tiia Sammallahti discuss how smaller charities don’t always have the tools and resources to be as effective as they can be. They mention the benefits of partnering with smaller charities, impact reporting, impact measurement and short term change vs longer term impact.

Forging Meaningful Collaborations

New podcast episode is here! This week on Impact on the Ground  Tiia Sammallahti speaks with Nick Ede, the host of Charitable Radio and the founder or East of Eden. How can charities and companies forge meaningful collaborations, raise funds for important causes and make a big difference? Dive in and find out!