Impact On The Ground


Our informative podcast digs deep into what it means to make impactful change in our society. We spotlight a variety of guests, including CSR and social impact experts and charity and social enterprise representatives. Want to be featured? Get in touch with

Arnab Dutt

In this episode Tiia and Arnab talk about the Social Value Act Enhancements, the back ground of the changes and what this means for companies.

Impactful Audio

Audio Mango is “the only portable podcast and audio recording studio – driven right to your door.” In this episode we welcome Gavin Fenton who is the founder of this business to talk about impactful audio.

Impact on the Ground: Possible

Possible is a smaller climate charity focusing on individuals, governments and policy changes. In this episode Patrik and Tiia discuss transport, avaiation, energy and diet. Possible has a partnership with Ben & Jerry’s as well as Brompton Bicycles. They work on a cultural level, find out what all this means by listening to the riveting discussion.

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Our team is on hand to assist you


Fathm: Tackling the spread of misinformation and disinformation

This sees episode Fergus Bell from Fathm talk about the difference between misinformation and disinformation. Fathm is an organisation that works with newsrooms to tackle the spread of fake news. What is a fact? What role do cultural differences play in the spread of misinformation? Is independent journalism dead? Find out this and more by listening to this riveting discussion.

Conservation Collective on Nature Restoration

Did you know that less than three percent of global philanthropic funding goes to the environment? This episode sees the Conservation Collective and the Lanka Environment Fund talk about terrestrial ecosystem conservation, marine conservation and responsible tourism. The speakers explain how they work to empower local communities as well as local conservationists. The conversation goes on to talk about company-charity collaborations, how people can get involved in restoration work and how to monitor impact.

Baltic Sea Action Group: How can complex environmental challenges be solved?

Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen from Baltic Sea Action Group and Tiia Sammallahti from WhatImpact discuss the many complex challenges related to nature and the sea.  Topics discussed include pollution, algae and changing the way farming is done. Other interesting topics include impact reporting and measurement as well as company-charity partnerships. Anna explains how both parties have value to contribute.