Social Value Manager 1.0 - White Paper



Read our insights from the current state of the social value industry from the eyes of social value professionals, where both the profession and industry will develop in the future!
Co-created, with over 150 organisations and individuals partaking in our research, Social Value Manager 1.0 White Paper explores, establishes and embraces the emerging role of social value management that is at the heart of social value delivery and impact creation within organisations.
We have given social value professionals a voice to express their needs, challenges and biggest wins at work. We truly hope this encourages all social value professionals to continue their pioneering their pioneering work and know, we are together facing the challenges.

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Launch Event

Our launch event bringing together the social value community on October 9th at the RSA in London was a huge success! Check out some of the highlights from our incredible line-up of speakers. 

whatimpact is a platform made with and for social value professionals. We invite everyone to join our platform to make social value management more efficient and impactful!


What is included in an annual subscription to
  • Social Value material bank and Social Value Management Handbook
  • Social Value Planning Tool for winning social value bids
  • Matchmaking  nationwide with charities and social enterprises with due diligence and communication service
  • whatimpact with actively make sure you will find suitable partners in any geographical location you need
  • Each partnership/match made in the platform will generate a GOV Social Value/TOMs Model aligned impact reporting – shareable links and downloadable documents
  • Employee volunteering hub with volunteering opportunities and reporting (I have included this to our premium package with no extra cost for the first year)
  • Customer service 9am to 5pm every working day (chat, emails and calls) for technical advice and tips
  • Onboarding training for all admins


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whatimpact is more than just a platform, it is also a community for social value professionals and we provide a lot of educational content in various formats to contribute to the development of this industry and the people in it. Check out our resource centre for more social value content here!