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Social value is an umbrella term, covering social, economic and environmental value. The UK Government’s Social Value Model covers not just social outcomes but also environmental and wider economic outcomes. The Social Value model combines environmental, social, and economic outcomes to maximise impact on local communities actively. Social value and environmental outcomes show strong interconnection.

Environmental expectations on companies are increasingly comprehensive. However, many local authorities and central government bodies are listing environmental outcomes as targets for the social value in tenders. Therefore finding ways to have local environmental impact and to support environmentally-minded projects is key for winning government contracts.

Our platform is the perfect place to match with VCSEs with environmentally-centred projects to support. Take a look at just a couple of examples below to get inspired!

Looking to support organisations that are educating and training young people with green skills? 

  • Check out Extinct CIC and their work supporting empathy for biodiversity through digital experiences here
  • Check out Wastebuster CIC and their work supporting the grassroot level development of pro-environmental waste behaviours here.  
  • Dive Project Cornwall CIC and their work developing a future proof marine ecosystem through school wide education programmes here

Looking to support organisations that are restoring local ecosystems?

  • Check out Nature Nurture’s work supporting inclusive access to green spaces in urban communities through nature wellbeing programmes for those with mental health challenges here
  • Check out Earthwatch’s work safeguarding freshwater ecosystems and restoring local water resources through community engagement and evidence-based research here.
  • Check out Zero’s work building community wide networks in Surrey to preserve wildlife corridors and restore the local ecosystem here.

There is an incredible breadth of organisations to work with and projects to support – all taking us closer to reaching environmental targets within social value. is the only platform in the UK which is built to help you plan, deliver and report on social value, aligned with government social value requirements – to speak to our team about how we can help you with your social value management and how you can maximise your impact on the environment, contact us here.

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