Social Value - what is it and why it is important for your company

Social Value is an umbrella concept for environmental, social and economic value that organisations deliver through their internal and external operations. It comprises of community engagement, sustainable supply chain management, environmental and employment practices. Companies commit to social value and build their strategies around it to leave a sustainable legacy, attract employees and customers and grow their business. 

Since the beginning of January 2021, all companies bidding for public contracts in the UK need to deliver contract specific social value according to procurement policy note PPN 06/20 (Social Value Act enhancement)
What does this mean for your company – and how can your company leverage these changes to stand out from the competition?
whatimpact is a social value management platform to plan, implement and report on social value activities delivered through partnerships with charities, local initiatives and social enterprises. 

The new Procurement Policy Note – Strong social value WILL help you win more business!

  • The new Social Value Act enhancements are a mandatory requirement for all companies bidding for public contracts – this concerns businesses of all sizes in all industries.
  • Social Value has a lot of weight in the selection process; it forms a new score of 10-30% in the evaluation criteria for tender bids.
  • Corporate policy won’t be enough anymore. You must be able to evidence the social, economic and environmental benefits for the entire life cycle of the contract.
  • Without clear impact and evidence of it, companies might not only lose tenders but also lose contracts they’ve already won.
  • The competition has increased, so it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.
  • SMEs and Social Enterprises have a big advantage: the cheapest bid won’t be the best anymore. What is more attractive is a company that can demonstrate a high-quality delivery of a contract that delivers social value.


whatimpact is more than a platform as a platform solution offers you planning, matching and reporting tools for validated, locally and contract specific social value aligned Local and Central Government requirements. 

Addition, whatimpact offers:

1 – FREE content library for hands on information on how to build social value strategies, implement programmes, how to measure and report on impact and how to manage e.g. volunteering efforts. We have published also the first and only handbook on partnership related social value (read more HERE). 

2 – We offer strategy advice and training part of annual platform subscription packages for your entire team involved in social value. 

3 – We are a think tank doing research on charity/social enterprise – company partnerships, social value related topics and create inspirational content on impact creation and tackling the biggest challenges in our society in the grass root level. 

4 – We are a social impact startup with a mission to help save time and money from social value administration and bring together organisations for the better society in an efficient manner – focusing on making a systems change. By working with us, your organisation is already endorsing tangible and evidence based social value.

Sound complex? You can get started easily!

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