whatimpact is the social value platform for government tender winners

whatimpact is the social value platform that (1) helps you build tangible social value plans (2) finds you local social value delivery partnerships for actioning your plans and (3) provides you with validated impact reports aligned with PPN 06/20.

How do I find the right charity or social enterprise?

We understand how time consuming it can be to find strategically aligned charities and social enterprises.

whatimpact is a matchmaking platform that matches your company with charities and social enterprises based on your shared social missions.
We use AI technology to make the process of giving fast and effective

How does it work?

1. Create your profile and list your offers – money, skills, products or services

2. Charities & Social Enterprises apply for your offers
3. Evaluate applications with our easy due diligence
4. Approve the application
5. Charity / Social Enterprise confirms & match is made – share match video
6. Receive Social Impact Report

Why is company social responsibility (CSR) good for business?

Company Social Responsibility is not good for business – it’s great for business! It’s also great for our planet and everyone involved.


Here are 5 reasons why:
1. Win more business in the public sector
2. Attract more private clients
3. Recruit and retain the best talent
4. Forge loyal customer relationships
5. Leverage referrals

Can CSR help my company win more business?


Since January 2021, all companies bidding for public contracts need to demonstrate the social impact they would deliver as part of their contract. If companies fail to do this, they could lose the contract.

Social Value Act - are you clued in to the new procurement policy changes?

What's changed?


I'm ready for whatimpact to help


Why is volunteering good?

We as humans are hardwired to help. Volunteering with charities and social enterprises can make a positive impact in our society. It is also incredibly rewarding and creates a sense of purpose – read more about helper’s high.


At whatimpact we encourage companies to offer skills-based volunteering to their employees.

• 50% of the offers that charities receive are for unskilled team volunteering days (painting fences, gardening etc.)

• Only 29% of charities need this. Charities are crying out for are pro bono support, skills sharing/training, and fundraising

• Read more from the Three hands Employee Volunteering report 2018.


Maximise the impact and ROI of CSR programmes


We help your company to deliver CSR activities strategically, efficiently and increase your stakeholder engagament.

• Our volunteering HUB records volunteering and encourages skills-volunteering

• Our Social Impact Reporting tool has been developed in line with the BS8950 and is compatible with the UK government’s PPN 06/20, so companies can effectively report back on their impact with confidence

• Our online tools improve your level of stakeholder engagement, centralising your CSR activity and assisting your strategy, from procurement to reporting.


Find the Right Match

Combing through hundreds of charities can be dispiriting and time-consuming. Let us do the heavy lifting, and help you find strategically aligned partners to meet your social value deliverables. whatimpact.com is a transparent and democratic platform making your search fast and efficient.

Social Impact Report

Our social impact reports provide clear, standardised data so you can prove your organisation's contribution to a given cause. We save you time and money and give you comparable and transparent data at your fingertips.

Streamlined Applications

Use our structured and secure application process to alleviate the stress of paperwork and provide clarity for all involved, allowing you to focus on matching with the best Recipients for you.

Proven Impact

Our open platform and shareable digital impact reports can be distributed across your internal and external networks. Proven impact given by Recipient will help you increase your employee engagement, reputation and return on investment.

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