Member Resources

Welcome to whatimpact's resource centre! Here you can find onboarding, strategy and research pieces to help you with your social value and to maximise your impact.

Onboarding: Creating Impactful Offers

Not sure about your donation offers or how to best utilise whatimpact? We have created a helpful guide to help you in setting up impactful offers likely to attract charities and social enterprises!

DOWNLOAD Onboarding-Creating-offers-on-whatimpact.pdf

Social Value Management Handbook: How to Manage & Budget Your Social Value

A practical online manual for companies and other organisations wishing to deliver explicit, specific and locally relevant social value through tender bids and contract work. Tackles all aspects of social value delivered through partnerships – from tangible planning, effective delivery and validated reporting.

DOWNLOAD Social-Value-Handbook-How-to-Manage-Budget-Your-Social-Value-October-22.pdf

Creating a Meaningful CSR Strategy

If your company does not have an effective Company Social Responsibility strategy, or if you feel your strategy needs reviewing to be more aligned with your company mission, this guide will help.

DOWNLOAD whatimpact-CSR-Stategy-Guide-Sept2022.pdf

Social Value Act Guide

Still unsure about the impact of the Social Value Act on companies like yours? Read our handy guide that contains the 10 things you must know in order to win more government tenders!

DOWNLOAD whatimpact-SVAGUIDE-October22.pdf

UK Government's Social Value Model - Breakdown

To try and simplify the Social Value Model, we’ve broken down each theme & MAC and provided options for how you can achieve them which helps you in your bidding applications!

DOWNLOAD Social-Value-Model-whatimpact-breakdown.pdf

Enabling Impact Creation: Rethinking private and third sector interaction

Our white paper on the changes needed to create positive systemic change of the collaboration between the private and third sector.

DOWNLOAD whatimpact-white-paper-1-September-2020.pdf

The Real Impact of the Social Value Act Enhancement & the Path Towards a Sustainable Future

Our white paper on the connection between the UN Sustainable Development goals, UK government’s new Social Value Act Enhancement and the Social Return on Investment leading to Return on Investment cycle.

DOWNLOAD whatimpact-white-paper-2-2021.pdf

Enhancing Impact: Bridging the gap Between Companies & Local Authorities in the Implementation of the Social Value Act Enhancement, PPN 06/20

Our white paper on the main challenges that local authorities and companies face in reaching the requirements of Procurement Policy Note 06/20 and proposed solutions.

DOWNLOAD Enhancing-Impact-whatimpact-whitepaper-3-March2022.pdf

Template: Copy for Public Profile (Word)

You may wish to download a template to plan the content for your public profile

DOWNLOAD 2022_-_Company_whatimpact_Profile_Template-1.docx

Template: Internal Release for Giving (Word)

A template for an internal release.

DOWNLOAD Internal-Release-for-Giving-Template.doc