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Lunchtime webinar 25th Jan 2023, 12 – 1:15 pm


The topic of this event is bringing together a cross-sector perspective on social value and what it takes to be bid-ready in 2023 – in the changing social value landscape. PPN 06/20 requirements have been taken on now in most government tenders and industries. Tangible, contract related add-on social value plans and related reporting requirements are under scrutiny. What does this mean for the tendering and bidding processes and organisations involved? Additionally, a diverse range of social value frameworks makes it hard to get it right! How to be strategic, yet meet the different social value criteria?


Our speakers:

We have got speakers from the central government, regional government and the private sector to share their key takeaways to make sure you are best prepared for what is to come in the upcoming year.

David Whipp, Social Value Specialist, Strategic Business Development Manager, Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S), Ministry of Defence 

> Central Government focus on social value in 2023

> Examples of success in central government contract related social value on the ground

> How to avoid too vague social value plans although the lead times for contract start date might be long

> The role of ‘local’ in Central Government tenders

Simon Hanson, Economic Development and Policy Manager, North East Procurement Organisation NEPO

> Social Value is here to stay – how are practices on social value evaluation in bids maturing

> How to tackle different social value framework requirements to deliver a winning bid

> How to avoid unrealistic or too vague social value plans – what does this require from the bidding organisation

> Reporting requirements are getting tighter – what kind of evidence of social value delivery and outcomes are expected through successful contract partnerships

Best practice contractor panel: Social value managers building social value strategy and processes to support bid writing and business development

Silka Patel, Leidos

Amy Ross, Higgins Partnerships

Alison Sudbury, Carter Jonas

> Social value part of your business strategy
> How did we get around creating a successful bidding, delivery and reporting process for social value
> Success cases of local social value – the added value to contracts, our stakeholders and society

Tiia Sammallahti, CEO, whatimpact.com 

> Bid to impress! Any size and type of a company can create impressive social value plan and deliver it efficiently with well through process and basic understanding of social value as a concept. 

> Plan to implement! Social value is part of contract deliverables and therefore contract profitability and overall success. Harnessing technology for data driven decision making and management of social value. 

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