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We at whatimpact want to empower bid writers and the supporting social value teams in the social value management process. Through our ‘Bid Writers Club’ series, we want to bring key speakers, topics, networks & resources to your attention!

EVENT 2: Tax, Data & Making a real impact on the ground

Lunchtime webinar 15th March 2023, 12 – 1:15 pm


Our second Bid Writers Club event is all about helping you make better informed social value decisions. Whether it is about maintaining contract profitability, maximising impact or integrating data to your decision-making, this webinar has you covered. Social value can be tricky to get right, but by adopting best practices to approaching partnerships with the VCSE sector, your social value budgets and local data will ensure you build impactful social value. In this event we will be hearing from an incredible VCSE panel all about successful partnerships, a tax expert all about contract profitability and we will be revealing more about our social value data platform project!


Our speakers:

VCSE panel: Collaboration at its best

Lukasz Konieczka, Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons’ Trust

Vainqueur Iswa, Mugeni Montage

Donna John, Ignite Youth

Our incredible VCSE panel will be sharing some of their tips for how companies can make the most of working with charities and social enterprises in terms of allocating money, time, skills, service and product donations and supporting employment driven activities.



Pratik Jani (Corporate Tax Specialist) & Tiia Sammallahti (CEO & Founder of whatimpact)

Social value efforts are not always as costly as companies think! Our CEO Tiia Sammallahti will be discussing financial aspects of social value with a corporate tax specialist, Pratik Jani. The discussion will extend to practical information on which donations and volunteering efforts can be deducted in corporate taxation and on what grounds. They will also be discussing budgets more specifically – considering social value coordination and management costs – how can you make sure that your contract work stays profitable?

Katherine Dixon (Analytics Business Partner at Babcock) & Daniel Haines (Principal Azure Data and AI Specialist at Microsoft)

Kat and Dan will be highlighting the importance of data in the future of social value as well as sharing the success of the first pro bono hackathon (more on the project here) that whatimpact and Babcock have been working on alongside the MoD and Microsoft with the ultimate goal of providing robust soical value data for everyone to make better informed social value decisions.

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Event 1: Bid Ready for 2023 (25th Jan 2023)

The topic of this event is bringing together a cross-sector perspective on social value and what it takes to be bid-ready in 2023 – in the changing social value landscape. PPN 06/20 requirements have been taken on now in most government tenders and industries. Tangible, contract related add-on social value plans and related reporting requirements are under scrutiny. What does this mean for the tendering and bidding processes and organisations involved? Additionally, a diverse range of social value frameworks makes it hard to get it right! How to be strategic, yet meet the different social value criteria?


Did you miss it? Watch the highlights here:

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