Climate action: saving our planet in small steps

Amongst ongoing news of climate devastation, it can be hard to see the climate action we as individuals can take to make a significant impact on this issue. The climate charity Possible argues that the answer to this question is actually more simple than we think – simply speak out in support of the planet!

The climate charity Possible focuses on inspiring action to fight climate change in a positive way. Their vision is for individuals and companies alike to be vocal about the small changes we can make to help the environment, thus turning these small, seemingly insignificant changes into large-scale, systemic change. 

Possible’s theory of change is all about individuals working at a grass-roots level combined with corporations working on a national level to implement real change to help our planet. 

Thinking about climate action in a positive light

When we think about fighting climate change, we often think of the actions we need to take in a negative light, e.g. ‘we need to stop going on holiday’ or ‘we need to stop using the convenience of a car’.

Patrick Ewe from Possible explains that this doesn’t need to be the case – we need to start thinking about the opportunities that a more environmentally friendly lifestyle brings, such as more green spaces on our street instead of endless parked cars. 

Most importantly, Patrick Ewe argues, we need to share the changes we are making to help the planet. Only this way does the change stop being a silent individual choice and becomes a driving force that serves as a catalyst to help others make more environmentally friendly choices as well. 

Campaign that got more people on bikes

Speaking out about the changes we are making to save the planet is not only about telling friends, colleagues and family, but also about companies using their reach to influence their customers. 

An excellent example of this is Possible’s partnership with Brompton Bicycles on Possible’s campaign to get more people cycling. Brompton Bicycles mobilised their PR and media team to launch the campaign to their customers, and in so doing managed to reach a wide audience. 

This campaign was also beneficial to Brompton Bicycles, as they were able to access many new clients who supported Possible. As we at firmly believe, when companies and social value organisations work together, the impact is unstoppable!

Start with these two steps

So what can we do? We can start by taking two easy steps:

  1. Look for those small meaningful changes we can take to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Possible has a wealth of suggestions here!
  2. Speak out! Whether this is on an individual level by telling your friends about your changes or on a company level by promoting a campaign for the environment, each voice makes a difference.

Listen to the podcast here to learn more!

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