The impact we make

whatimpact social impact, diversity, and inclusion

whatimpact harnesses technology to match supporters who want to make an impact with recipients looking for resources.

Our mission is to create systematic change to the social value market and to drive funding and other resources to the causes, operators and actions making the biggest difference.

Our impact goals

Short- and medium-term impact goals

1) Impact organisations receive more funding and other resources

2) Impact organisations reduce cost of fundraising 

3) Supporters & recipients report higher satisfaction in the success of matchmaking 

4) Increased transparency in reporting by charities on the platform improves trust amongst supporters

Long term impact goals

whatimpact aims to increase the wellbeing of our society as a whole due to sufficient resources allocated to the most pressing challenges.

How we measure impact

Our measurement system focuses on measuring direct outcomes to benefit the platform users. 

We monitor the value of donations, time and money savings, the quality of partnerships and the outcomes that these partnerships create. We monitor the KPIs through our own KPI system and by conducting supportive surveys amongst platform profile holders.

We are a tech-for good company with a mission. We are also a for-profit company, not wanting to compete with grant funding with any social value organisations. 

Our impact goals are ambitious and can only be achieved with constant product development and reaching as many organisations as possible – first in the UK, scaling to other markets. 

We aim to have a similar impact on the CSR industry as LinkedIn did for recruitment. This kind of innovation cannot be implemented and scaled by relying on voluntary income.

Therefore, we lean on social impact investments and reasonable subscription fees to make sure our aimed impact will take place and in turn guarantee long-term development of our platform.

Diversity and Inclusion


whatimpact is a diverse and inclusive community, inviting all sizes and types of organisations to have a profile and start matching and collaborating with each other. 

We offer free profiles for the smallest Recipient organisations and a nominal fees structure for the rest. Our fee structure for Supporters is tiered and affordable for all organisations – and we help to improve their efficiency in their CSR or grant-making mission.

Our profile templates cater to the differences of various social value organisations, we are constantly developing them and adding new features. We believe, it is not the status of the organisation that makes the best partners, it is the shared values and the idea of mutually beneficial collaboration. 


whatimpact has operated since 2017 and is a female founded, lead and lead-funded organisation with a very diverse team in terms of  age, experience, background and other demographics. 

Our team, freelancers we work with, subcontractors and partners are always selected by the same mindset of wanting to make a difference and operating with each other with respect, focusing on making whatimpact the most transformative platform it can be. 

We have hired and continue to hire interns, with the aim to train them to future full-time positions or to help them to pursue their other dreams with the experience and guidance we have given. Working in our organisation is more than a job – we embrace our team as if it were a family.

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