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whatimpact localised for your borough and local authority

Facilitate social value within your local authority with a white-labelled version of 
Localised version of allows companies to match with charities, social enterprises and unregistered community organisations within your area and report on their impact

How do I find strategically aligned social value partners?

We have created a localised version of established nationwide social value marketplace local authorities to help companies match with charities, social enterprises and unregistered community organisations locally.

We understand how time consuming it can be for companies to find local strategically aligned charities, social enterprises and local community groups.

whatimpact is a matchmaking platform that matches your company with local impact organisations that are aligned with the social mission of local companies.
We use AI technology to make the process of giving fast and effective<

Who is this for?

• Councils and local authorities that want to deliver social value locally

• Councils and local authorities that want to support companies in their region meet the social value requirements (PPN 06/20)
• Councils and local authorities who want to support local charities, social enterprises and community organisations.

What could whatimpact look like for your local authority?


Why is corporate social responsibility good for business?

Corporate Social Responsibility is not good for business – it’s great for business! It’s also great for our planet and great for everyone involved.

Here are 5 reasons why:
1. Win more business in the public sector
2. Attract more private clients
3. Recruit and retain the best talent
4. Forge loyal customer relationships
5. Leverage referrals

How can local companies evidence their social value?

Since the beginning of January 2021, all companies bidding for public contracts need to demonstrate the social impact they would deliver as part of their contract.
Social Value has a lot of weight in the selection process; it forms a new score of 10-30% in the evaluation criteria for tender bids.
The whatimpact Social Impact Report solves this problem.

1. Our platform matches your company with local impact organisations that are strategically aligned to your social mission. This helps forge long term partnerships which are needed to better the community and provide evidence.
2. Our social impact reports provide clear, standardised data so you can prove your organisation’s contribution to a given cause. This saves you time and money and give you comparable and transparent data at your fingertips. The report has been developed in line with the BS8950 and is compatible with the UK government’s PPN 06/20, so companies can effectively report back on their impact with confidence

Social Value Act - are companies in your district clued in to the new procurement policy changes?

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