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What Can You Give?

Here are a few examples of the kinds of donations that benefit Recipient organisations delivering the impact on the ground 

Money Donations

  • Offer a strategic one-off money donation to support one or multiple organisations aligning with your company social mission.
  • Choose a beneficiary organisation or several for your teams to create innovative fundraising concepts by harnessing their expertise.
  • Select a ‘Charity Of The Year’ for your organisation to fundraise, volunteer and give product or service donations to. This is a great way to build long term partnerships  and engage with your employees at the same time.
  • Create an ongoing grant programme with funding coming from various activities such as payroll giving, fundraising and a percentage of company profit
  • Put a percentage of your sold products or services towards a donation pot, where your clients, employees or donation committee have an input in the decision-making process, keeping them engaged.


  • Harness your employee volunteering days to build teams to solve a challenge for a charity or social enterprise.
  • Donate individual skills e.g. legal, finance, marketing throughout a period. This model usually requires more than one day a year allocation and hours spread to a wider time period. Read more about skills-based volunteering here


  • Donate products that your company either sells or has access to. These can be consumer goods, professional equipment or raw materials.
  • Donate used products, for example office equipment or other valuable items such as computers, transportation vehicles or toys, which save operational costs of social value organisations.


  • Deliver your usual service offering to charities and social enterprises for free. There is a huge demand for services such as IT, marketing, finance, construction, legal projects which can raise the charity and social enterprise operations to the next level, but they often lack budget to buy them. It is important to treat charity and social enterprises as you would your usual clients, with the same standard of delivery
  • Offer ongoing, monthly delivered free service packages which help save running costs for Recipient organisations running costs for example, accountancy services, maintenance, ongoing marketing and communication services
  • Give free access to culture, sports, nature activities, which can be allocated to beneficiaries. Read more about service donations and how it differs from skills based volunteering here

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*Most donations are tax deductible and the cost to your organisation can be only a fraction of the value of the donation to the charity or social enterprise