Last week we took Tēvolution, the company I co-founded, from the dark shadows of an NDA to the light of day. The website went live, the teas got into their first store, and I went from hiding my identity to displaying it fully and proudly.

What will we be focusing on as we move from pre- to post-launch? In short, we’re pulling out all the punches. Tēvolution is delicious, it’s healthy, it does good all the time, and it has the power to generate community every time someone drinks one. Who wouldn’t want to drink one? So we’ve got to get it in stores and out in the public. That’s the goal for the next six months: get on as many shelves as possible.

In the meantime, we will promote our charity partners – the amazing people and organizations who stood by and let us stumble our way to launch, who believed in the plan and who kept their part of the NDA bargain. We are truly grateful to them, we are passionate about their missions, and we can’t wait to hit the shelves together. More depth to come on each in the coming weeks.

There is so much that will change with Tēvolution that I can’t list everything. That said, I want to hear YOUR ideas – what can we do better? How can we build a stronger community? What ideas do you have for the sale of tea? If you want to be involved, GO FOR IT. The more we collaborate, the more we impact!

In the meantime, I’ll be active. Active with my family, an active entrepreneur, active in the community, and active for myself. I’ll hit the gym more, I’ll write more blog posts, I’ll tweet more, and I’ll BUILD THIS COMPANY to be a force for good.

I, for one, can’t wait to see how it goes.


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