Proven Social Impact at the Heart of Your Social Mission and CSR

At whatimpact we understand the challenges you face trying to find strategically aligned beneficiary organisations for your grant schemes and company social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Our AI enhanced platform improves the efficiency and impact of your social value investments.


By creating a profile on you can connect with charities and social enterprises across the country

Use our platform to offer resources, evaluate applications, match with organisations and showcase your impact to various stakeholders.


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whatimpact maximises the impact and ROI of company social responsibility programmes.



We help your company to deliver CSR activities strategically, efficiently and increase your stakeholder engagament.


•Our platform matches companies with charities and social enterprises based on shared values and goals. Whatimpact is a one stop shop for grants, other money donations, volunteering, product and service donations

•Our volunteering HUB records volunteering inputs and encourages especially impactful skills-volunteering

•Our social impact reporting template aligns with international reporting standards and critical elements of the Social Value Act/PPN 06/20.

•We provide online tools to improve your level of stakeholder engagement, centralising your CSR activity and assisting your strategy, from procurement right the way through to reporting.


whatimpact helps grant-makers to improve their efficiency and find most impactful organisations to fund


• Our platform matches grant-makers with charities and social enterprises based on shared values and goals. The grant offer criteria and due diligence feature makes it easy to take relevant applications to be shortlisted and reviewed more carefully.

• Charity and social enterprise profiles contain open data from charity commissions England, Wales and Scotland and detailed information on projects, goals and other funders for easy candidate evaluation

• Our communication channel allows you to directly communicate with beneficiary organisation and if needed, request further information and book meetings.

• The recipients of your grants will report periodically with the whatimpact Social Impact Reporting tool, which is a comprehensive, globally valid impact reporting template developed in collaboration with NCVO, aligning with BS8950.


How it works

We use machine-learning to match companies and grant-makers with likeminded charities and social enterprises who need the exact resources available. Our matchmaking platform offers due diligence information for you and provides post-project reports to illustrate the social value and SROI you’ve helped create.

1 – Simply set up your profile and list your offer – money, skills, products or services
2 – Wait for applications from relevant and like-minded charities or social enterprises
3 – Evaluate applicants through comprehensive profile and due diligence data
4 – Make a match with a perfect partner and start communicating through the platform
5 – Get your periodical, globally valid Social Impact Report and partnership videos to be shared with stakeholders


Automated Matching

Our AI technology identifies similar topics and words within user profiles and uses these commonalities to match organisations. Organisations with similar ethos', visions and projects are recognised as potential matches and users are automatically notified

Impact Reporting Tool

Our impact reporting tool is filled by Recipient organisations, once a project is completed. The report is automatically delivered to Supporter organisations for any donations over £5000. For any contributions below £5000, you also receive easily shareable project greetings, suitable for public consumption across your channels


Our search functionality allows you to look for organisations to support based on geographial location, cause, organisation type and more. All of our charities and social enterprises are registered with the Charity Commission or with Companies House, so you can search with confidence

Find a relevant match

Combing through hundreds of charities can be dispiriting and time-consuming. Let us do the heavy lifting, and help you find a highly relevant and compatible match for your social value deliverables. whatimpact is a transparent and democratic platform making your search fast and efficient.

Easy reporting

Our social impact reports provide clear, standardised data so you can prove your organisation's contribution to a given cause. We save you time and money and give you comparable and transparent data at your fingertips.

Streamlined applications

Use our structured and secure application process to alleviate the burden of paperwork and provide clarity for all involved. Therefore allowing you to focus on matching with the best Recipients for you.

Proven ROI

Our open platform and shareable digital impact reports can be distributed across your internal and external networks. Proven CSR will help you increase your employee engagement, reputation and return on investment.

Social Value Act - are you clued in to the new procurement policy changes?

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You’re in good company. Forward-thinking companies have already joined whatimpact and are enjoying the benefits:

Handi SOS


“Putting our campaign together has been a real pleasure. We put together a simple questionnaire to give us valuable insight as to how charities would use Handi SOS, and the creative ways it would be used to communicate and safeguard. Having 33 charities applying within days was great. Our reputation and reach were undoubtedly improved.”

Peter J Woods, Managing Director

Simply Health


“We want to work with charity partners that are clearly aligned with our products and services and can help people who are less able to access these services, thus removing barriers to healthcare for disadvantaged groups. We want to work with charities who can clearly demonstrate the difference they make through good impact reporting.”

Sarah Greenaway, Head of CSR

Alpha Century


“We feel very privileged to be able to work in the industry that we do.   We work with and learn from great brands and we wanted to re-invest our experience into helping a good cause, engage with our employees and stakeholders. We are sure we will also learn from this project and are eager

Hugo Feiler, CEO

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Enabling Impact Creation:
Rethinking private and third sector interaction

An action plan to create positive systemic change in the collaboration between the private and third sector. Plus what can be done now, to reach the UN Sustainability Development Goals by 2030.