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At whatimpact we know finding resources can be frustrating. Our matchmaking marketplace connects charities and social enterprises with donors fast – so you can focus on making a difference.


We help charities and social enterprises find the resources and support they need from private and public sources.  We put the power into your hands! No waiting around for supporters to connect with you – search for resources and support you need and reach out to perfect supporters immediately.

1 – Simply set up your profile and list your activities and where you need help

2 – Connect with relevant and like-minded supporters

3 – Get your pre-populated Social Impact Report needed for larger donations

Automated Matching

Our platform levels the playing field by giving organisations of all sizes the same opportunities to look for donors and grants. Showcase your values, projects and past activities on your profile to attract the right companies or grantmakers.

Impact Reporting Tool

You know you deliver value, but sometimes demonstrating it requires a lot of paperwork. With our unique, structured application process, by securely storing relevant information about your charitable activities, whatimpact alleviates the administrative burden and provides clarity for all involved.


Harness the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to quickly and easily find the right supporters, regardless of public visibility or fundraising budget. Create truly valuable and mutually beneficial partnerships based on shared values. Save time and money on both sides, freeing up further resources for good work.

Find a relevant match

We take away the hassle of finding and partnering with the right supporter. Our matching algorithm connects your organisation with companies and grantmakers aligned with your cause and goals and gives you access to networks previously hard to find.

Easy reporting

Eliminate the burden of reporting with our social impact report template. The simple and clear report provides transparent data on the impact made, validating your efforts and helping you to find new donors for future projects

Streamlined applications

Use our structured and secure application process to alleviate the burden of paperwork and provide clarity for all involved.


Once a donation is awarded you will receive an automatically generated project video greeting which you can share publicly to increase awareness of your work together.

You're in good company

Great forward-thinking charities have already joined whatimpact and are enjoying the benefits:



“Beat is a medium size charity that supports people suffering from eating disorders. We have already benefited hugely from the matchmaking service and won £17,000 worth of brand strategy work from an established brand agency. The idea of matchmaking charities with the help of AI will change the whole dynamics of the charity sector!”

Philip Roethenbaugh, Director of Fundraising

Muscular Dystrophy UK


Simplyhealth’s grant enables people to access better healthcare, and this project is all about boosting access where our charity has identified a critical need for intervention. Thank you very much!

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Enabling Impact Creation:
Rethinking private and third sector interaction

An action plan to create positive systemic change in the collaboration between the private and third sector. Plus what can be done now, to reach the UN Sustainability Development Goals by 2030.