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We believe that directing the right resources to the right places can make a huge impact on some of the biggest problems in our society.

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Finding the right organisation to work with can require hours of time spent searching the internet for interesting causes and you want to know that your money or time is going to the right place.

Our search functionality allows you to search for organisations to support based on geographial location, cause, organisation type and more. All of our charities and social enterprises are registered with the Charity Commission or with Companies House, so you can search with confidence.

Our comprehensive profiles have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which organisations you want to support. Charities and social enterprises list their needs, from volunteers to service or money donations, all you have to do is respond.

whatimpact philanthropist

Those with big budgets can create an individual philanthropist profile and post offers for Recipient organisations to apply to. Donors should give at least £1000 or more.

Automated matchmaking

Our AI technology identifies similar topics and words within our user profiles and uses those commonalities to match you with organisations who have similar goals to you

Clear, structured communications

Recipient organisations can also apply for your offers. With a unique, structured process for applications, and all your infomation securely stored, you can shortlist applicants and match with the organisation most suited to you


All monetary donations over £5000 will generate an impact report, so you can share information on the impact you helped achieve throughout your networks

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Enabling Impact Creation:
Rethinking private and third sector interaction

Enabling Impact Creation: Rethinking private and third sector interaction


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