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Provide skills-based volunteering to:

• Bring your company values to life
• Build your brand
• Engage employees
• Forge new commercially viable partnerships

What is skills-based volunteering?

  • Skills-based volunteering is harnessing the skills and enthusiasm of your employees to provide valuable services to charities and social enterprises.
  • We as humans are hardwired to help. Volunteering with charities and social enterprises can make a positive impact in our society. It is also incredibly rewarding and creates a sense of purpose – read more about helper’s high.

What help does a charity or social enterprise actually need?

  • ​​50% of the offers that charities receive are for unskilled team volunteering days (painting fences, gardening etc.)
  • Yet only 29% of charities need this. What charities are crying out for is pro bono support, skills sharing/training, and fundraising
  • ​​40% of charities do not benefit from one off / one day voluntary
  • Over 40% of charities ranked unskilled time as the least important resource they get

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Examples of skills-based volunteering

This can either be spread over a period of time or be used to deliver a specific project in one block using your volunteering days. Check with the charity or social enterprise what is best for them.


Skills-based volunteering is perfect for employees who have additional skills but do not get to use them at work, (e.g coding, web development, design , copywriting)

Professional skills

Use your professional skills and abilities (e.g, legal help, financial support, marketing, HR, coaching / mentoring)

Benefits of skills-based volunteering

  • Creates a sense of fulfillment
  • It’s great for your soul and creates a sense of purpose
  • Meet new people
  • Gain valuable experience
  • Develop new skills
  • Can help advance your career

What is the difference between service donations and skills-based volunteering?

Skills-based volunteering allows individuals to use their skills – professional or enthusiastic – and get involved in the community.

Service donations are providing a business as usual company service to the charity or social enterprise at no cost.

Read our blog for more detail..

See the impact of your company donation(s) through the whatimpact social impact report, a comprehensive, globally valid impact reporting template developed in collaboration with NCVO, aligning with BS8950.

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*Most donations are tax deductible and the cost to your organisation can be only a fraction of the value of the donation to the charity or social enterprise