Increase Your Impact Today

Provide product donations to:

• Bring your company values to life
• Build your brand
• Engage employees
• Forge new commercially viable partnerships

What are product donations?

  • Product donations are products that your company either sells or has access to. These can be consumer goods, professional equipment or raw materials.
  • These products can be of huge value to a charity or social enterprise (that are in line with Government guidelines re Covid-19).
  • Examples of product donations include:
    • overstocked goods, bottled water / water bottles, IT equipment, office furniture, toys, clothes, rucksacks, shoes, blankets, toiletries, travel cards / bus pass

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Benefits of products donations

Tax relief

CSR and product donations are good for the bottom line

Clear space in your warehouse

Get rid of excess product and clutter by doing good

Increase brand visbiility

Make your brand visible in your community and among your customers

Help your local community

Employees and customers alike feel good when they give to a community in need

See the impact of your company donation(s) through the whatimpact social impact report, a comprehensive, globally valid impact reporting template developed in collaboration with NCVO, aligning with BS8950.

Do you want to know how your company can deliver social value quickly and easily?

*Most donations are tax deductible and the cost to your organisation can be only a fraction of the value of the donation to the charity or social enterprise