Charities and Social Enterprises Fight for the Environment

Charities and social enterprises make a huge impact to protect the environment and to raise awareness on the grassroot level. Meet three charities that work in the field.

To celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th 2021, whatimpact launched a challenge for charities and social enterprises working to protect the environment, raise awareness, reduce pollution or fight for a healthier planet in any other way.

We were delighted to welcome a great number of charities and enterprises on the platform to meet Supporters that share their vision.

Meet a few participants!

DNA Preserved for Future Generations

The mission of the Frozen Ark Project is to collect, preserve and store tissue, gametes, viable cells and DNA from endangered animals. The project was Established in 2006 by Professor Bryan Clarke and Dr Anne Clarke who realised universities and museums had collections of DNA and cells not in a form suitable for the long-term preservation of DNA or of threatened species. They established the charity to respond to this unique gap. Visit the profile.

Wildlife Needs Protection, Too

Secret World Wildlife Rescue is a rescue centre for orphaned and injured British wildlife. Based in Somerset, the centre is open 24/7 to help over 5000 animals every year. The animals are rehabilitated and returned to the wild whenever possible. Visit their profile!

The Change Starts from the Youth

Young People’s Trust for the Environment encourages young people’s understanding of the environment by increasing awareness of environmental issues; climate change, pollution, deforestation and endangered flora and fauna. Visit the profile.

Grassroot Level Help to Improve Life Skills

Pepys Community Forum aims to alleviate poverty by improving the employability of refugees and asylum seekers. They offer among others training and employment for their beneficiaries and address issues like low aspiration and poor life skills. Visit the profile.

Are you looking for resources, too?

This blog post is part of whatimpact’s World Environment Day Campaign 2021. If your charity or social enterprise is looking for resources, such as money, product or service donations, trial the platform and meet Supporters who will help you make a bigger impact.

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