Every year we ask ourselves what will be different, what changes we’ll make, and how we’ll continue to improve.

This year I’ve got a great one. I’m launching a new company.

After months (and even years) of planning, all the pieces are finally in place. We officially launched two weeks ago, with the delivery of our first production run – we have real product that people can taste and touch and enjoy. Tomorrow, the next big piece comes online – the website is set to go live. With that, the company will be ready for people to visit, take a look, offer their suggestions, trash it, love it, use it, abuse it. I hope they do all those things.

Even with that milestone so close at hand, I’m still keeping the lid on our new product. Although we’ll be live and the product is in hand, we still have to start selling. The real magic will come after the first sale, when our delicious new beverage will be on the shelves and people can pick it up, read the label, wonder what the story is, and how they figure into it. Then we’ll truly be live.

So stay tuned, friends and supporters. Tomorrow is a big day. But there are still bigger yet.


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