There’s a lot I believe in, but nothing is more prevalent for me than the ideas summed up by two simple words, Carpe Diem, Seize the Day.  Although I’m a procrastinator when it comes to the little (and bureaucratic) things, for those life-important moments, I never let anything get by.

What can I say?  I’m an entrepreneur.  For entrepreneurs, every moment not seized is a moment lost.  The idea that it can be done later just doesn’t make sense.  Here’s a short catalogue of my Carpe Diem moments:

  • Started my first “company” right after high school, offering lifeguarding and swimming lessons privately to folks in the neighborhood.
  • Spent my junior year abroad and traveled to 13 countries in that year.  Particularly memorable is an 11-day trip to Turkey after my parents expressly forbade me to go and 2 days after I spent a night in the hospital for dysentery.  My parents said, “you’ll have time in your life to come back and do it.”  I never would have, and it was one of the best trips I took that year.
  • Moved to Tel Aviv when I was 24 when everyone told me I was crazy.  I lived there for four years and it’s had a profound impact on my life.
  • Started my second “company” in Tel Aviv offering e-learning consulting services to organizations. I just called up every e-learning CEO in Israel and told them I would promote their services, and I received one-on-one demos from each. It never got off the ground but it taught me I could do business in an industry I knew nothing about.
  • Started my first Company called Integrated Learning, offering private tutoring services across the country. We grew to 10 cities, had 40 teachers, and helped hundreds of students before closing down.
  • Proposed to my wife after 10 months of dating. She was the one, why hem and haw?  Of them all, this is the best choice I ever made.

These are just a few.  Now, of course, I’m starting my second Company, the most complex and impactful venture to date, and we’re “THIS CLOSE” to launching.  Website is nearly done, and sample product is scheduled for first-time delivery on Dec 15. Once those samples come, IT’S ON.

That’s why through it all there’s been one song that’s been kind of an anthem for me.  I heard it long ago and every word has stuck with me every day of my life.  It’s brilliant, it’s imaginative, and it sets me on fire every time I hear it.  It came on in the car today, and thus this post:

by Pink Floyd

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
And you are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say



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