Sometimes (or, probably, most of the time) entrepreneurship is just the ability to roll with the punches.  As we get closer and closer to launch, that lesson presents itself to me again and again.

We’ve had great successes in the past few months.  We had great successes this past week.  Since the beginning of the year, we’ve finalized our logo, label, and overall brand identity; identified and pitched to multiple nonprofits; identified, contracted with, and began working with several manufacturing companies; and overall developed a product that has everyone who knows about it buzzing with excitement.  Including us.

And yet sometimes I feel like I’m in that dream, the one in horror movies where you’re in a hallway, running to the end, but the hallway keeps stretching just out of reach.

Yes, last week also presented a new setback, one that will delay production at least a month, cause a slight rework of our label, and ultimately delay our sales.  It is, needless to say, frustrating.  We’re finally so close, everything is falling into place, and then… delay.

And yet for the first time I don’t really care, and I’ve spent the whole weekend proud of that, reveling in it.  I don’t mean that I don’t care what happens, or that I’m not going to solve it.  I just mean that I didn’t let it ruin my weekend.  I evaluated the situation, understood the new environment, adjusted our timeline, and moved on.  It’s almost like a sunk cost – getting mad won’t change the situation.  Yelling and screaming won’t get our time back.  The only way forward is with rational thought ensuring that we maximize the next few weeks to solve things as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, I had a great weekend with my family, playing outside, BBQ’ing with friends.  Easily could have been distracted.

It may even turn out for the best.  The last two major setbacks we experienced resulted in new ideas, a better product, and a better way forward.  When times felt desperate, two weeks later we were in an even better place.

And that anger would only cloud the major successes we had last week – pitched to two new potential partners, ordered and shipped raw goods, and received other great news.  All in all, it was a great week and a little setback can’t make that go away.

So the lesson here today – be fanatical, be extreme, be the driving force that all the pundits say you should be.  But don’t sweat the small stuff, and don’t lose sleep getting angry over the past.  Just move forward, stay focused and strategic, and the universe will right all things wrong.


One Response to Entrepreneurship: Take the Good with the Bad

  1. heidimassey says:

    Way to go! Some of those big company execs NEVER learn what you already get…no stopping you my friend. A month is nothing! And you know the idea…that what ever you focus on is where you are headed. Focus on the mistakes and that’s where you go. Focus on the success, and you will be heading for more of that.

    So excited for you…keep doing what you are doing. There is a whole crowd pulling for you, and sending you great thoughts!

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