Two weeks ago we received some shocking news. Although we were 100% ready to head into our next production run, one thing was missing, and wouldn’t be available: bottles.

“Uh, what?”

Yes, you read that right.  There were no bottles.  And I don’t mean there were no bottles in stock, I mean there were no bottles.  Anywhere.  In all of America.  No glass bottles for sale from California to Florida.  None.

Again, you might ask, “huh?  How is that possible?”

Well, in short, they’re out.  All of them.  Everyone who makes bottles was out of bottles, and no one was producing more until July.  So there you go.  Our big production run, the next big step in our company, was put on hold for 6 weeks because there were no bottles anywhere, no one had ‘em, and those who did weren’t giving ‘em up.

So we pivoted.  We changed our plans and turned the month of June into a planning month.  In the last few weeks we’ve closed our first investment round and put real money in the bank, redesigned our sales collateral, signed two new stores, gotten press on a great blog, met a handful of bottle suppliers (yes, we searched high and low) and, most importantly, signed a local distributor in DC who was ready and waiting for the next round of bottles to take us to the next level.

And then, just as incredibly, the phone rang yesterday.  It was the bottler.  “We’ve got bottles, right now.  If you want them, you need to produce on Wed.  Are you ready?”

Again, “uh, what?”

Yes, you read that right, too!  Our bottler, out of nowhere, procured just enough bottles for our first run, thought of us first, opened up some free line time, and, just like that, our company flipped into high gear.  We cancelled our meetings, bought plane tickets, reserved the hotel, and, tomorrow, we’re taking the next big leap!

So stay tuned, dear friends.  Tēvolution is about to get inventory.  Real inventory.  Enough inventory to stay flush for all of 2011, move into hundreds of stores, and have a real impact.  Our distributor is ecstatic.  We’ll donate thousands of dollars to our wonderful partners, build a community of supporters, and drive the company to the next level.

And, as always, we’ll deal with whatever comes our way.


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